We live in interesting times, where the art world is breaking boundaries and leaving the traditional four white walls of the gallery and coming out into the streets for everyone to enjoy. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways that stretch like fingers up into the mountains of Guanajuato. 

The UNESCO listed Guanajuato is a jewel-like colonial city nestled at the base of the surrounding mountains in Central Mexico. Brightly coloured buildings tumble down the hillside leading to lovely leafy plazas and squares. This colourful, vibrant city is a cultural mecca and internationally known for its annual Cervantino Festival, which is one of the premier arts and cultural festivals in Latin America featuring performing arts from around the world.  

Guanajuato is perfect for a urban explorer like me, who likes to wander round for hours looking for a surprise round every corner. In January 2016, I spent 2 weeks staying with local artist, Hugo Anaya, in his gorgeous villa,  Alma de Sol. In my wanderings around town, I came across the hauntingly beautiful sculptures of English-born Mexican artist Leonara Carrington, who moved to Mexico in 1942. She was involved with the Surrealist movement which is reflected in her strange, dreamlike sculptures; part human, part phantasmagorical creatures. Coming across these sculptures in unexpected places added a touch of magic to my time in this very special Mexican city

The Sculptures of English artist Leonara Carrington